Ambulance staff with equipment on a beach
Ambulance staff with equipment on a beach
Ambulance staff with equipment on a beach


At EripioWear, we know that durability and sustainability go hand in hand. The longer our clothes last, the less environmental impact they have. This simple, fundamental insight is the cornerstone of our sustainability efforts and influences everything we do. 

We believe in making hard-working, long-lasting garments. And we’re committed to continue doing so, in close collaboration with our production facilities where we work with continuous improvements for both social and environmental accountability. All while working to reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re working hard on our sustainability. We’re also committed to the UN Paris Agreement and are always looking for ways to improve everything we do.

We’ve structured our sustainability efforts in three main areas:

Tackling sustainability challenges takes hard work. But it’s work that we believe is well worth doing. For ourselves, the people we work with, and the world around us.

Our sustainability goals are important, but more important is the progress we make towards achieving them. We report on our progress annually, and it is documented in the Hultafors Group’s Sustainability Report.

Hultafors Group Sustainability Report 2022