Our commitment to sustainable development reaches beyond our direct impact. That’s why we work in forward-thinking partnerships.

In order to remain relevant in a rapidly changing landscape, we collaborate to gain new insights, share learnings and encourage the industry on awhole to commit to the 1.5°C pathway of the Paris Agreement.

We support Better Cotton and are members of the Chemical group of the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE), the Scandinavian Textile Inititive for Climat Action (STICA), and the Swedish trade association Textile Importers.

We collaborate with the people who wear our clothes to reduce the environmental impact that comes from the user phase. We encourage a circula lifestyle and offer product guides as well as care instructions to make their EripioWear clothing to work hard for as long as possible. We know that 15-20% of a garments’ emissions come from the usage and end-of-life stages. How our clothing is taken care of makes ahuge difference to climat impact. We provide comprehensive information on how to extend the longevity of their clothing with proper care.

In collaboration with a third-party auditor, we evaluate environmental aspects and their environmental effects using the Life Cycle Assessment method (LCA).

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