Trend, Sock

Thin and soft socks with a short shaft design that make a comfortable choice for everyday use as well for various types of work.

Available Sizes
  • 3539
  • 4045
Available Colors
  • Black - 0400
Trend, Sock
Trend, Sock
Trend, Sock
Trend, Sock

Highly comfortable everyday socks made from a thin blend of cott0n and polyamide that provides a gentle touch against the skin. The sock's short shaft design offers great versatility, making these socks suitable for various work conditions. In addition, the polyamide adds durability while a pinch of elastane provides stretch, ensuring the socks stay securely in place. Thin mesh structure on top of foot offers targeted ventilation for enhanced cooling.

  • Thin, cotton-based material
  • Ventilating mesh structure on top of foot
  • Short shaft
  • Elastic cuffs