EMS clothes hanging in the station
EMS clothes hanging in the station
EMS clothes hanging in the station

Washing advice

Workwear and protective clothing need to be kept clean in order to meet the safety standards requirements. Clean garments also last longer, since dirt and dust can destroy the fibers of the clothes through wear and tear. Dirt can be flammable and impair visibility and other functions of the garment, which can be dangerous. That is why regular washing leads to better durability and safety.

When you wash your work clothes, it is important to follow the garments’ washing instructions to protect them. Care for your clothes by following our washing advice:

  • Follow the washing instructions on the garment's care label. Select the indicated temperature.
  • Close all zippers, buttons and Velcro fasteners. It is very important that you close Velcro fasteners properly to prevent them from tearing the clothes during washing.
  • Always turn the clothes inside out before washing them. This protects prints and reduces the risk of Velcro fasteners getting caught in the fabric or scratching prints. Reflexes are also protected by turning the garment inside out.
  • Avoid fabric softener, as it clogs the pores of the fabric. This means that functional garments lose their ventilating function.