Acer, High-Vis Vest Class 2

EN ISO 20471 - High Visibility Clothing

Comprehensive high-visibility vest with short sleeves that enables emergency service personnel to quickly shift from routine tasks to emergency response situations.

Available Sizes
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
Available Colors
  • High vis yellow - 6600
Acer, High-Vis Vest Class 2
Acer, High-Vis Vest Class 2
Acer, High-Vis Vest Class 2
Acer, High-Vis Vest Class 2

This durable high-visibility vest boasts all the features required by paramedics and emergency service personnel during critical response operations. The short sleeves add extra reflective surface to reach Class 3, the highest visibility rating, providing enhanced safety in situations where increased visibility is needed. The vest offers ample storage with multiple pockets, including four customised radio pockets designed for RAKEL/B96 equipment, complete with designated space for the send button/PTT. It also comes with heavy-duty Yzippers, and hook-and-loop fasteners for nameplate and identification plates on the front and back. For even more functionality, the vest features two monophone holders on each shoulder, several D-rings, large inner pocket for tablets, and a holder for flashlight and IR camera.

  • Class 3 (EN ISO 20471)
  • Short sleeves
  • Customised for RAKEL/B96
  • Red, reversible identification plates
  • Large inner pocket